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Conservatories in Monmouthshire

At Monmouthshire Conservatory Company, we specialise in creating custom conservatories that complement the character of your house while fulfilling your specific design and functional needs. From the first design to the last installation, our knowledgeable staff is committed to helping you every step of the way and making sure your idea is executed with care and perfection.

We understand that a conservatory is more than just an addition to your home; it enhances your quality of life. For this reason, we only employ high-performance, thermally regulated glass in our buildings. This state-of-the-art material increases energy efficiency and ensures that your conservatory will always be a warm, inviting space perfect for any activity or occasion.

Regardless of your preference for a sleek, contemporary conservatory, a classic Victorian conservatory, or something entirely different, our tailored approach ensures that your new space will be exactly what you have wanted. We are here to help you design a stunning conservatory that enhances both your home and your life every day, from choosing the best materials and colours to organising the space for maximum light and space

The Design Phase

Your conservatory is designed uniquely for you and your home so it is worth taking time to consider the exact style of build you require. We will take you step by step through this process, discussing everything from orientation and dimensions to roof system design and material choice. This will enable you to sculpt a conservatory that not only fulfills your practical needs but also looks fantastic. 

Building Your Conservatory

Our fantastic team of tradespeople will then set to work building your dream conservatory. First, our builders will construct the concrete base to your specific design requirements. Our fitters will then turn the plans into reality – installing your frames, roof system and high-performance glass units. Once the assembly of your conservatory has been completed, our team of plasterers and electricians set to work refining the interior. This ensures that you have the perfect foundation for you to lay your chosen flooring and decorate to your individual taste and preference. Throughout the whole process, we will be on hand daily to answer any queries you may have and to make sure you are 100% confident with every element of your project.

Your 10-Year Guarantee

All of our products come with a 10-year guarantee, for complete peace of mind.

Our Materials

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Aluminium Conservatories

When choosing your conservatory, Aluminium frames, despite being slimmer in style, are much stronger than many comparative materials.  This often means that Aluminium is ideal for ambitious extensions where customers are looking to include large expanses of glass. The slimmer finish of Aluminium may also be perfect if you’re searching for a sleek minimal design.

Powder coating is a process used on Aluminium to create an extensive choice of colour within an almost unlimited spectrum. This facility results in a sophisticated and unique finish, allowing you to truly personalise your conservatory to match your home’s existing colour palette. 

uPVC Conservatories

Our uPVC conservatory roof-system consist of an Aluminium core based framework, capped with uPVC. Reminiscent of classic, traditional conservatory designs, the modern day uPVC conservatory offers much more than it’s predecessors.

As technology has developed, uPVC conservatories now offer the highest quality framework in an array of foil-laminated colours. Enabling you to create your conservatory in a complimentary wood grain effect or a selection of flattering colours. 

Contemporary Conservatories

Our contemporary conservatories offer all the advantages of a modern-day conservatory, with the added benefit of an internal box pelmet. The pelmet can be set with multiple spotlights and even has room for an integrated sound system. 

This style of conservatory not only enables you to have integrated lighting but also gives a versatile, sleek and modern feel – perfect if you’re trying to move away from the look of a traditional all glass conservatory. Contemporary conservatories can be created in either uPVC or Aluminium, with an array of styles, colours and finishes. 


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