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In 2003 Chris Atwell founded Monmouthshire Conservatory Company. Chris identified the need to offer something different to the masses of other glazing companies and set about creating a business that delivers superior products with an exceptional service on a local, personal, level. Over the past 15+ years, Monmouthshire Conservatory Company has grown to be one of the premier conservatory and glazing companies in the Hereford area, all whilst maintaining the personal service you’d expect from a family run business.

Stylish Aluminium & uPVC Conservatories in Hereford

We believe that your conservatory should be unique to you and compliment the rest of your home. That’s why we offer a number of options to ensure that your conservatory matches your personal tastes and your home’s existing facade. Monmouthshire Conservatory Company also offers new innovations in orangeries and conservatories with the inclusion of Skyrooms and Livinrooms. The conservatories that Monmouthshire Conservatory Company offer are vastly different from the conservatories of the past. Our team use high-quality uPVC and aluminium to create sleek, beautiful conservatories that are highly customisable in both colour and shape to suit your preferences. All of our conservatories are covered by a 10-year warranty to ensure that you have peace of mind for years to come.

Beautiful Orangeries Hereford

If a conservatory isn’t quite right for you, but you still desire the light, airy feel that they offer, an orangery could be a great alternative. The roof structure is one of the key differences between orangeries and conservatories. An orangery can be defined as a structure that has a glazed roof that is less than 75% glass but still has a significant glazed element in the roof. Conservatories must also have at least 50% of their walls glazed, whereas orangeries can have completely solid walls, like any other room. An orangery is an ideal solution when creating a light airy space, that still maintains its functionality. Orangeries are popular with homeowners in Hereford for kitchens and dining rooms.

Doors For Every Home in Hereford

It is easy to take your home’s door for granted and see it as just a security feature that keeps out intruders and keeps heat in. At Monmouthshire Conservatory Company we see your door as an integral part of your home’s appearance. A poorly chosen door can spoil the look of your home and detracts from the beauty of your property. Fortunately, Monmouthshire Conservatory Company offers products in a range of materials to help you find the right door for your property.
  • Aluminium Doors

    Aluminium Doors

    Aluminium is renowned for being lightweight, strong and highly-customisable making it the material of choice in most modern projects. Aluminium makes it possible to house large, heavy, glass panes enabling you to have doors which are mostly glass as well as large bi-folding doors. As well as being strong and versatile, you can choose to have your aluminium doors finished in any colour from the RAL spectrum, providing you with another avenue to customise your door. By carefully selecting the colour of your aluminium door you achieve a look that fits any decor whether that be one of Hereford’s period stone buildings or a new build.

  • Composite Doors

    Composite Doors

    Many homeowners are now opting to install composite doors, rather than wood or uPVC alternatives. The reason for this shift is partly down to the improved aesthetics of composite doors, but also their reputation for being incredibly durable and secure.

    Composite doors are typically made up of a solid wood core sandwiched between two thermoplastic door skins. This construction means that composite doors are more secure than wood and uPVC alternatives as well as being exceptionally thermally efficient.

    At Monmouthshire Conservatory Company we install Solidor composite doors. We opted to use Solidor as, aside from being highly secure, their range of door designs are perfectly suited to any decor, be it modern or traditional and are available in a range of colours. With Solidor, you can choose from single leaf, double leaf and stable doors with a variety of glazing options.

Double Glazed Windows Hereford

Hereford is a historic city with homes that have been built centuries apart in vastly different styles. That’s why we feel it’s important to offer a variety of window options. Our team will help you to choose the right style and the right colour to compliment your property, whether that be sash, bay or casement.
  • Sash Windows

    Sash Windows

    The team at Monmouthshire Conservatory Company appreciate that sash windows are a desirable feature on Hereford’s period properties and that they help to enhance the appearance of the home. That’s why we offer a range of uPVC sash windows. Our superior range of sash windows are an ideal alternative to wood sash windows, offering a significant improvement in thermal efficiency, security and reduced maintenance. All of our sash windows can be finished in a variety of colours and wood effects to suit your home.

  • Secondary Glazing

    Secondary Glazing

    New windows aren’t always an option. Perhaps you can’t bring yourself to part with the original wooden windows in your property, or you are restricted by a listed building status which many homes in central Hereford are. In these cases, you can consider secondary glazing. Secondary glazing is essentially the addition of an additional layer of glazing which is fitted to the frame of your existing window providing an additional barrier to the elements. By fitting secondary glazing you can achieve improved thermal efficiency and soundproofing whilst keeping your original windows in place.

Greenhouses Hereford

Monmouthshire Conservatory Company’s quality services don’t just stop at your door. Our aluminium greenhouses are manufactured by Elite and represent the same quality workmanship that you would expect from our windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries. Our team can handle all elements of your greenhouse installation from laying the base, to fitting the shelving inside. Elite’s range of greenhouses means there’s something for every sized garden, including lean-tos and large plant nurseries. For more information on our range of greenhouses please view Elite’s brochure.

Large Window, Door & Conservatory Showsite Near Hereford

Monmouthshire Conservatory Company have a large show site located just 20 minutes from Hereford. Our show site, located at Pengethley Garden Centre, features a number of our products including windows, doors and conservatories as well as examples of greenhouses, Skyrooms and Livinrooms. Please either call us on 01989 730551 or visit our show site to discuss your requirements with our experienced and friendly team.  
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